imageAt SMART we believe that our Vision adds meaning to what we do. Great brands reflect their vision and it is Smart’s endeavour to do the same.

Our vision is uncomplicated much like our company’s personality, our aim challenging and exciting.

We believe in our brand and when every car is a SMART car so will you, our valued customer.

Our values reflect the “how” in achieving our vision. It is about keeping our valued customers satisfied. It is about the great big smiles we have when helping customers. Being the innovator in our market, we believe in always improving whilst respecting each and every member of the channel, team members and customers alike. Lastly we believe that without our very dedicated team and the teamwork that is exhibited at SMART all our efforts are so much more effective and successful









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  • "I congratulate you and your Team for their service excellence. It would also be appreciated if some kind of credit be passed onto the Smart Team for managing the insurance claim for me."