SMART has designed a clever circle template that you can use as a size reference for the damaged area. Just overlay the circle cut-out to make sure it falls within the limit – it’s so easy!

Those minor dents and dings, scratches and chips are so annoying. Don’t stress... don’t get mad... SMART the small stuff!

Scuffed bumpers
Light scratches
Trolley dings

This small Area tool will assist you in assessing small area repairs. Place over damaged portions. If the entire damaged area remains within the circle It may be repaired with Small Area Repair Technology

Mark off the panels on the vehicles affected and which fit into the small area assessment tool defined area.

  Click here to download and print the tool.



Download the SMART tool here
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  • "I congratulate you and your Team for their service excellence. It would also be appreciated if some kind of credit be passed onto the Smart Team for managing the insurance claim for me."