Claims Process



Customer initiates a claim request

Customers can register a claim by either:
a) Calling us on our toll free number 0860 1033 19
b) Registering your claim online and one of our consultants will contact you back.

All claims received are vetted telephonically.


SMART Policy is checked for validity

The SMART consultant will check the validity of the policy before continuing to the actual registration of the claim.

If the policy is found to be invalid, the process will end and the customer will be advised.

Should the policy be found to be valid, the process will continue to the next steps.


Claim is registered

Once the consultant has confirmed the validity of the policy, the claim is registered on the system and a claim number is generated.


Repair quotes requested

Once a claim reference number is issued, the consultant will request that the client obtain repair quotes from SMART's preferred dealers. Quotes are then assessed and authorised internally.


Vehicle repaired

Once an authorization has been issued to the selected repairer, the client takes the vehicle in for repair. Should there be an excess applicable, the client will pay this directly to the Repairer.


Policy updated

Policy is updated with the claim details.



Download the SMART tool here
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  • "I congratulate you and your Team for their service excellence. It would also be appreciated if some kind of credit be passed onto the Smart Team for managing the insurance claim for me."