Claims Process


Question   Why can you not pay for my licence plate / new bumper / replacement of the fender / badge of my car?

answer   One of the general exceptions of this policy is that we will not replace any body panel or part.

Question   Why can you not help me with the damages all around my vehicle which happened during the course of the past year?

answer   This policy is not designed to cover damages that were accumulated over a period of time, damages incurred over the past 30 days will be covered, and that is why we want to encourage you to immediately advise us of any incident that resulted into damage (however slight) on your vehicle.

Question   The person who sold me the policy never advised me on the limits and excesses involved, why can you not help me?

answer   The service offered by this office is purely claims and administrative related, however you should have received policy documentation after the policy was sold to yourself, and all exceptions terminology and excesses is set out in this, if you have not received such a document, the responsibility to make sure that you are in possession of this, will remain with yourself.

Question   I have damaged another parties vehicle in the incident, can I claim for their damages as well and would you be able to assist me in recovering my costs from them?

answer   Because of the small cost involved in terms of premium, this policy does not allow for any liability claims whatsoever.

Question   What is the procedure if I want to claim?

answer   In the unfortunate event of a claim, you only have to pick up the phone or complete the online Register a Claim form, and we will take you step by step through the procedure. Remember to always have as much information as possible handy, as this will assist us in dealing with your claim in an even more efficient way.

Question   What is this policy and what does it offer me?

answer   At SMART we offer quality cover for all your minor damages, This entails light scratches no longer than 15 cm in length, minor dents no bigger than 15 cm in diameter, and chips no bigger than 3mm.

Question   I have a scratch that is 16cm in length and the quote falls below the limit amount, why can I not claim?

answer   One of the policy conditions is that a scratch may not exceed 15 cm in length; if only one condition is violated we reserve the right to repudiate the claim as a whole.

Question   Is pre-existing damage covered?

answer   NO – The reason for this is that cover for all future damage will commence after the inception date as stated on your agreement, and the activation premium has been received, all damages before this will be noted as pre-existing and are not covered.

Question   How many days do I have in which to make a claim?

answer   As per the terms and conditions in your policy, you have 30 days to make a claim from the due date of your incident.

Question   Specific Exclusions?

answer   There will be no cover under this policy in respect of: Any damage which in the Insurer’s discretion is deemed to have been incurred as a result of a collision or other accident and not as a result of day to day motoring. Any damage which is not defined as a “chip”, “scratch”, “dent”, “Mag Wheel Scratch” or “Windscreen chip”. Any damage falling outside the Period of Insurance. Any damage caused by hail or by rust or by corrosion or any other gradually operating cause.



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